ColorWay Multipurpose Double Sided Microfibre Cleaning Wipe


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Our microfiber cleaning wipes are coated with our uniquely formulated anti-static and antibacterial cleaning solution in order to provide long-term cleansing protection for your electronics. The unique microfiber design allows for easy cleaning without risk of scratching or causing microabrasions to surfaces. Our wipes are perfect for LCD / LED / TFT / Plasma screens and monitors on any device, as well as on plastic and metallic surfaces. Compatible with all major manufacturers and brands.

Designed for cleaning TFT / LCD monitors, laptops, CD / DVD disks, screens, cameras, camcorders and phones. Material is made from cloth that will not damage the surface of your devices if maintained properly. Hand wash cloth in a mild detergent to remove surface dirt and dust and avoid causing damage to your devices.

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